OxyGen Air Freshening System

New to the market we are delighted to bring you OxyGen Air Fresheners. OxyGen air freshening products use the latest emission-free technology to release pure fragrance oil with odour neutralisers with the aid of the room's own revolving oxygen supply. OxyGen air fresheners are the only continuous fragrance products that use oxygen as a delivery method which delivers a far superior performance against its competitors. In using the precision delivery technology, the OxyGen air products are immune to climate or environmental conditions allowing OxyGen air freshening products to outperform other air care products that can be affected by air flow, room temperature fluctuations, humidity and altitude.

Whilst most air freshening products operate by masking odours with a heavy perfume spray during timed intervals. OxyGen air fresheners release a continuous neutralising agent to eliminate, not just mask, any bad odours, leaving an only fresh scent in the air.

Furthermore to utilising medical grade technology, to deliver fresh scent and effective odour control for a sustained period of 60 days. The OxyGen technology has recently been Carbon Footprint Approved which now allows us to say that OxyGen air fresheners are the Worlds most environmentally friendly air fresheners. 

OxyGen air fresheners are designed and engineered to deliver 60 days of consistent and continuous levels of intense pure natural fragrance to permeate throughout the room for the full life of the refill. 

The OxyGen Refill Oils contain a product called Neutra-Lox which eliminates and removes unpleasant odour molecules from the air. This proprietary odour neutralising agent effectively eliminates bad odours such as tobacco, kitchen odours, sweat, mildew animal and body odours leaving only the perfumed fresh scent in the air.

Stylish compact dispenser designs allow OxyGen air fresheners to operate silently in any room. Operating from two AA alkaline batteries with a lifetime of  2 years the OxyGen air dispensing systems offer a unique cellular diffuser which will not dry out or become saturated too quickly.

OxyGen air systems produce zero harmful emissions, solvents or propellants. In fact, they reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds being emitted into the atmosphere by up to 90% when compared to aerosol cans. Making OxyGen air fresheners ideal for green buildings and LEED certification requirements.

OxyGen refills are 100% recyclable and safe to dispose of in regular plastic recycling waste making the OxyGen products extremely environmentally friendly, an issue we have all come to care very deeply about. 

Let's take a look at the OxyGen Air Fresheners...

OxyGen Viva!e Air Fresheners

OxyGen Viva!e Air Fresheners uses OxyGen Powered technology. A new medical grade innovation that harnesses the power of pure oxygen to deliver an ambient fragrance to any internal environment. OxyGen perfume oil is gradually dispersed into the room delivering a continuous and consistent fragrance intensity. Our OxyGen Viva!e dispenser is operated on 2 AA alkaline batteries which offer a unique cellular diffuser which will not dry out or become saturated too quickly.

Visual light indicators provide a reminder when refills or batteries require replacing. OxyGen Fragrance dispensers can be positioned at any height and the silent operation means they are ideally suited to quiet areas such as offices, libraries, health spas and more.

The sleek OxyGen Viva!e design is available in 9 colours. Click here to see the full range.

The stylish dispensers have vented sides for effective fragrance dispersal and stand at 16cm in height and can be located at any height or on any surface although it is recommended to keep them away from windows and vents to achieve the units maximum performance. The Viva!e product is made of 100% recycled plastic and comes with a 5-year guarantee. The OxyGen Viva!e uses a simple load and go system, making changing refills very easy. The unit operates silently and also works against gravity so the fragrance oil will not leak. Each dispenser covers a volume of 75 cubic meters (300 cubic feet).

OxyGen Shield Anti-Vandal Air Freshening Systems

The OxyGen Shield air freshening system has a robust stainless steel casing designed and engineered to be tough enough to withstand acts of vandalism. This sturdy wall mounted design makes the OxyGen Shield the ideal air freshening until for schools, universities, sports stadiums, arenas, shopping centres, public transport, office building and public facilities. The design is compact and very tough with smooth anti-grip contours. OxyGen Shield's smooth contours mean that potential vandals are unable to grip and tamper with the system. The shield adds style to your facility without compromising security and effectiveness.

OxyGen Shield anti-vandal air freshening system and odour control system delivers and protects restroom freshness continuously and is ideal for facilities at high risk of vandalism. It can often be difficult to keep restrooms and facilities well stocked and smelling fresh, especially in high traffic public buildings but using the right products can make a huge difference in deterring vandalism and theft. The Shield air freshening system has proven extremely popular with facility managers. It can be secured to a wall using four raw plugs which allows it to be installed and then forgotten about for the lifetime of the refill. Like the OxyGen Viva!e the Shield has LED indicator lights to alert when a new refill is required or new batteries.

OxyGen Fragrances / Refills

OxyGen Fragrances produce a continuous, consistent ambient fragrance for their 60-day life cycle. The fragrance system emits intensely-scented pure fragrance oils, creating a permanently fresh environment that makes an impact every time someone walks into a room.

OxyGen Fragrances have been specifically designed by the OxyGen perfumista to bring you a wide variety of aromatic experience with exceptional characteristics.

OxyGen Fragrances come in a wide variety of scents, The unique odour neutralising properties of the OxyGen Refills combined with the dispensing units make for a very attractive product in the OxyGen Air Freshening Systems. Each scent is scaled from 1 to 5 for its fragrance intensity which gives you more control over your environment compared to alternative air freshening systems. Coupled with a consistent fragrance level guaranteed to deliver a continuous fragrance and odour control for 60 days, there is no wonder why the OxyGen fragrance and units are a firm favourite with facility managers.

Browse to find your favourite scent on the OxyGen Refills page.

If you are unsure as to what OxyGen fragrance would be suitable for you, we have a fragrance intensity guide to help you find the best fragrance for your facility. We also have a handy FAQ's page to answer the most popular questions about the products.

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