Why Oxy-Gen Powered?

Best Fragrance & Product Design

Oxy-Gen utilises emission-free technology to release pure fragrance oil with odour neutralisers. Oxygen is unique in the way that it uses oxygen as a continuous fragrance delivery method, far outperforming its competitors. Typical aerosol products only contain between 2% and 10% fragrance oil where Oxy-Gen contains ONLY pure, concentrated fragrance oil. Oxy-Gen's precision delivery technology makes it immune to environmental or climate conditions unlike the fragrance performance of other air care products that can be affected by air flow, room temperature, humidity and even altitude. Aerosol air fresheners deliver a burst of fragrance that can be too strong and overpowering. Oxy-Gen delivers a continuous ambient fragrance throughout the refill life due to its fuel cell technology. The attractive design also allows Oxy-Gen air fresheners to be placed anywhere in the room.

Best Environmental Care

Oxy-Gen is the world's most environmentally-friendly air freshener providing real and tangible benefits such as less waste and no harmful emissions. Oxy-Gen products have low volatile organic compounds and refills contain only non-toxic fragrance oils that are EU compliant with no harmful emissions or gases. Oxy-Gen products can be stored and transported with a low carbon footprint, unlike aerosol products that are pressurised and have an impact when stored or transported.

Best Performance

Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners provide a consistent and continuous ambient fragrance that improves the customer experience because the scent is available all the time, any time. Most continuous air freshening products work well to start with but their performance fades significantly over a period of time, unlike Oxy-Gen Air Care Products that utilises pharmaceutical technology to deliver precise doses of fragrance oil consistently over the 60 days of refill life span. Fuel cell technology allows Oxy-Gen to disperse the fragrance oil silently and discreetly so that the only noticeable thing in the room is the fresh scent.

Best Value For Money

Oxy-Gen Air Care Systems deliver true cost-in-use benefits for those that require a consistent fragrance without variations in fragrance intensity and strength. Oxy-Gen has no waste disposal costs as all refill components are fully recyclable. The simple and effective setup and operation reduce service time and costs. One refill lasting 60 days delivers fragrance intensity that is equivalent to 3 aerosols spraying every 5 minutes.

Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners vs. Aerosols

The Oxy-Gen air freshener systems are the reimagined air care products of our time. Utilising the latest technology to far out perform their predecessors. Below we have highlighted just a few of the benefits the Oxy-Gen air care products have over aerosol prroducts including being 100% recyclable, battery life and visual indicators.